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If it went well, maybe we'll use the process above. They are very rude and deceiving. No. I was told it would take 60 working daysthen it should be in the mailthen there are stepshuh? So, they are charging the dues off to collection, then telling us everything is OK for $400. I love how the people who Work for blue green are quick to defend! I need to figure something would appreciate some help. Contact Jim at We had the low-end plan, which meant that we had 7,000 points to spend during a 2 year period. We have paid thousands of dollars and been in this mess for 17 years. One time we even arrived (after driving 2 hours) only to be told that we were mistaken about the reservation - it was not in the "system" - and they had no availability. I used one of my other timeshares for the week. Please call +[protected] and we will arrange a time that is convenient for you and your family. There are three costs associated with ownership in the Bluegreen Vacation Club Program: (i) the purchase for the interest, (ii) annual maintenance fees and (iii) annual club dues. gilead sciences canada jobs. My husband & I own a timeshare with Bluegreen Resorts Mgt (Bluegreen Corp). I am sorry to hear about your situation Im pleasantly surprised OGrady Law told OP what was in his/her best interest, instead of the best interests of OGrady Laws wallets. They are straight out THIEVES. as it is a completely free way to help other owners find TUG on the internet! she has refused to pay. 5-6) were RENTERS of the property, They had rented their room from bluegreen. Linda, What is the status of the class action suit? I think that every Member of the Bluegreen Vacation Club should sue you for the additional cost you force on them because you can not and will not honor YOUR aggrement and pay your outstanding debt. Voluntary AD&D. Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance plan provides a provides a guaranteed issue of $200,000 with voluntary options to up to $500,000 for coverage. They even go to the extreme of tell you that if you dont buy today that they can NEVER offer it again and you MUST sign a sheet from the devil himself saying youre passing this deal up. marc scott carpenter obituary. A. Most rescission periods can last 3-14 days depending on the location you made your purchase. My husband and I go to Bass Pro all the time in St. Louis. Was told to wait 3 weeks and if I didnt get call back. Of course it isn't. Anyone over the age of 21 should know that sales people are doing only one thing: SALES. I am at wits end on how to get rid of this. JavaScript is disabled. No way is that going to happen. Has anyone found ANY help on this? This business has a bond issued by Travelers Casualty and Surety Insurance Company in the amount of $100,000.00. I didn't either. No thanks, there are deals everywhere much cheaper! We are Gold members, & there are 4 "shares" to our timeshare. Maintanace Fees are sky high they say you can use your points to pay maintance fees but they've changed that now there is a limit on how many and what the points are worth to apply towards the fees. Plus 6000 points every other year. View Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice. My husband just didn't want to ruin his credit. $10, 000. This program can be found here Bluegreen Exit homepage and includes both an online form, and direct phone number to contact Bluegreen directly and begin the process of ending your ownership. I paid for a lawyer to review the contract and it clearly states that what the sales people tell you doesn't matter. we pay so much that it is impossible to travel they ruined our vacationing .MY email address is chimperymom@Gmail . You might consider transferring assets to yourself and letting the foreclosure process proceed. Yes you do have to be a TP memeber to buy your 1000 extra points but why do that in the long run it will cost you a lot of $$$ just buy a small package off ebay to make up the number of points you are lacking, but you can get many reservation with just 8000 points and yes they are in Florida check in Monday check out Friday at The Fountains in peak time will cost you 8000 points or check in Friday Check out Monday is also 8000 points. Bluegreen had locked up the reservations so you could only rent a minimum of 1 week but of course, I did not have enough points I was short 1000 they told me I had to be a member of the travelers club (more money as usual) in order to buy more points. My story is similar to everyone's, but I managed to get rid of my timeshare last month! I have tried to book a stay and have not had any luck. (Found out Wyndham has buyout program called Pathfinders). I still owe on it so it would be awful to just let it go without getting what they (Bluegreen) told me they would buy it back for. I wonder how they would react. Q. The Bluegreen Vacation Club is a flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership plan with 68 Club and Club Associate Resorts and access to nearly 11,300 other hotels and resorts through. Now we're paying for something we can never and will never be able to use. this was what the upgrade was for. Then were made aware that this would not buy a week anywhere and would really have trouble using them. Las Vegas was worst I've ever dealt with. bluegreen buyback program. If they were shut down, Branson would be a ghost town. Owners purchase points at their home resort and receive an annual allotment every year based on what they own. Plus for what you pay them in maintance fees yearly you can rent timeshare for the same price if not cheaper. When are you going to be in my area so I can meet with you in person? I'll be cheering you on. Shut up first born triplet, I saw your other posts and you are ten years old. I am now retired and have had my membership for six years. For all of you like myself who bought a timeshare from Bluegreen and was told that they would buy it back if you were unhappy and now you find that what they told you was a lie, I have found a lawyer willing to file a class action suite against Bluegreen. Timeshare Elimination Direct transfers To Phillip Smith -- My husband and I have been paying for Bluegreen hell for 6 years with increase in cost yearly. I am now retired and have had my membership for six years. You may also fill out the form on this page and a licensed agent will phone you to answer any questions you may have. fees of around $1250 a year, and look at what it cost on the open market for a two bedroom unit in Hawaii. He also said he was incredibly famous. I think I see a path forward. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I have been given every excuse under the sun. They said 30days for my paperwork to come. (As on cigarettes which are legal but a VERY bad idea). From the day you decide to use Timeshare Elimination, Timeshare Elimination will take immediate responsibility for all future maintenance fees, special assessments and property taxes related to ownership of the timeshare. Please DO NOT add attachments that contain your or other peoples personal information, if you dont want it to be visible to the public. Our tour guide was a young clueless ###. Read everything and you will not be griping, moaning and whining online to anyone that comes down the pike. It is about time these people are held accountable. Bluegreen used lies to obtain my account information, and abused the privilege to have it. No. Well let me ask any of youhave you tried to transfer your deed after you sold your timeshareI haveand it all started in Mayit is now October and they still don't have the paperwork done. So if you are an owner of a Bluegreen vacation timeshare, yes you can legally exit your timeshare and receive a full refund. A. If you only have power of attorney, then you are not affected by her default. I have not paid my fees and they say my timeshare is going to collection and daily rental at my cost. I went to refinance "my mortgage" and was told I couldn't because it isn't a real mortgage. off and have no repercussions. We also explained that we were NOT the type of people who would make a snap decision on something about this without first discussing it, researching it and thinking on it a few days. i am sorry for all of us who got scammed into this bluegreen "vacation club". Buying Bluegreen Timeshares 1 2 3 Find Cost-Efficient Solutions Buying a timeshare resale will save you money in the long run each year. I have never been able to use it. I am banned now because I refuse to pay my maintenance fee. Yes, they were nice and yes, it would be nice to own a vacation timeshare but it just wasn't something we were gonna decide on within a matter of minutes like they wanted us to. This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. Last time we went I was on Chemo, we told them I was very sick and could not sit through a presentationwhich is called an Owner Update. The contract is filled with verbage that relieves them of liability. So now I'm stuck paying their ridiculous interest rate because the bank is telling me it's not technically the type of loan they say it is. Class action sounds like a fantastic 1st step! I think the 2nd website was about mad consumers.. When we don't use the points within 2 yrs., we forfeit them. My contact information is, Unfortunately, due to the misleading tactics used to sell timeshares, there are lots of people who have become a victim of a timeshare scam, and the best solution to get out of the trap is by cancelling the contract. Back to Numbers page whether you go with the 28k package or the 14k package there are ANNUAL FEES anywhere from $700 - $1, 000. I am a dis-satisfied member/owner and would like to make difference for all of us. Discover Zeeland's capital! It has gotten worse and worse. Shame on me for investing in a Time sharre. During your getaway, you'll take a tour and discover the many benefits of vacation ownership. You would think that there would be a law that could keep these people from doing these scam deals to folks. Publicado en junio 16, 2022 por junio 16, 2022 por Once youre locked in- youre in baby! Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. Who will be responsible for my future fees? With its diversity of events, shops, bars and restaurants, Middelburg is vibrant and vivacious. They got my money and I am ashamed that I didn't spend 10 hours reading the contract when we bought our points. How can I do that? They may decide just to repossess the property but they could take further action to recover costs if they cant sell the property on themselves. Here is the website with all the contact information to directly engage Bluegreen in giving back an unwanted timeshare. The first few years we used it as a respite break because of taking care of my mother-in-law with Alzheimers. YOU ticked all the Boxes For all of the unhappy people who are leaving these comments: READ THE CONTRACT (YES, THE FINE PRINT ALSO) before signing anything. And to the person taking this all to 20/20, Dateline, etcyou go! YOU read all the paperwork Thats why Bluegreen Vacations is the Official Vacation Ownership Provider for Bass Pro Shopsand Cabela's,Choice Hotels and NASCAR. bluegreen buyback program. Okay - here's my Bluegreen experience. (free membership giveaway for every 50 subscribers!). The first step to selling your timeshare with us is to fill out a form online or give us a call. That's not true I for one did not get anything for free. In addition to your experiences with Blue Green I have also posted some comments on my travel blog . You see, as property managers, they are suppose to use or mainentance fees for up-keep and improvements. Any ideas? A. It's the farthest thing from a hotel; it's truely a unique resort. In fact they don't do anything. It's paid in full. The representative was very nice. They needed to do a title search for $500 and off they went. At this point- I felt so bad about saying no earlier that I almost bought it until one thought popped in my head- if I buy this then Ill have to go through ANOTHER one of these Meetings with that thought in mind I simply said, Ill have to pass. We also told him after this 3rd timeshare sales pitch we have sat through over the last 15 years, we have made the decision to never sit through another one. If I get out of this contract i will be back to this site and let you all know how it happend, but im takin this to the atterny general, 20/20, NBC, dateline, the commissions board of fraudualnt activity and many others if they do not comply with my wishes for them to relese me from my contract that was signed under false pretenses. We also cannot use "saved" points during certain times of the year. Just pay what you owe that is all I ask It lasted two hours and at one point I thought I might actually want to buy a timeshare. It states in writing that they are to send in writing and/or call reference referral to a collection agency. Our story is the same, and we still make payments, so what do we do? Resolved Bluegreen Vacations - Suing bluegreen! I asked if they are definitely going to take them and if there are any fees? Also the VIP membership, bounus weeks, hot weeks, bounus nights, travelers plus, ect all of that is non transferable unless aproved by a bluegreen associate and handled by them. If your timeshare mortgate is fully paid and your maintenance fees are up to date, selling can be a breeze. I now have a guy calling me after many letters to Bluegreen and wants to talk with me about it. Just another point most of the major players in timeshare do not allow the owner benefits to be transfered when sold on the resale market. We also told them the economy was not good for us to get in on this. For additional info regarding The Legacy Program, please call 800-351-0461, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. As to Jan Baucom who posted that she would love to talk to any disgruntled owners she never posted a contact number where she could be reached and if you did get a number you would get transferred about 20 times to someone else who still could not give you any answers! 2023 Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved. At some point I won't be able to pay them. Please contact one of our Bluegreen specialists at (877) 624-6889 to begin selling your Bluegreen timeshare. The best way to cancel your Bluegreen timeshare is to sell it, and we can help: 1) No upfront fees - our agents only get paid after a sale closes. They are the worst investment you can make and we agree! I have owned for six years also and I am using owners advocate to get out of my contract due to lots of misrepresentation and fraudualt activity while the presentation was taking place and within the contract, HappyBGOwner, pull your contract out and look at it. Your fault pay your maintenance fee and you will not be banned. Bluegreen Vacations offers a flexible, points-based timeshare program that allows owners to use their Vacation Points like currency. If you sell it you cannot deed your points they are NON TRANSFERABLE. Called to find out charge of travelers club and they told me my membership did not qualify to purchase the travelers clubcan you believe that! I think a reasonable person would argue that Bluegreen deserves nothing more from your mother. With all of this shuffling around, and paper being pushed back and forth, in the slight of hand trick, we did not notice that they moved our week out of Big Cedar lodge, in May, to now second week of January in the Fountains in Florida. After going to our new owner orientation I was told by a Bluegreen employee to refinance, I was paying too much on interest. If this is not the case or if your mother is willing and able to pay off any remaining balance the program should be fairly easy to navigate. Bluegreen Vacation Points are the currency you use to book stays at destination resorts within the company's network. Well it appears that we have all have been taken advantage of. Yes, your timeshare must be paid in full and your current maintenance fees are up to date. Sadly, we all made horrible (but barely legal) business decisions in buying timeshares. Post author: Post published: 8 juin 2022 Post category: 5 letter word with most consonants Post comments: demos grilled chicken recipe demos grilled chicken recipe I don't battle them personally I used Jim at The smartest thing to do is get the timeshare legally transfered out of your name with Timeshare Elimination otherwise, your children will most likely inherit your timeshare. BBX Capital Corporation announces a share repurchase program. Bluegreen is quick to take your money, but much slower in transferring the deed. Doing the math, one finds that the yearly mtc. The donation value is less than $200. Bluegreen Vacations is an inspired choice for value investors, as it is hard to beat its incredible lineup of statistics on this front. And of course they said they would buy it backhahahahait was not on paper. I absolutely despise Bluegreen and their corrupt, lying salespeople. Mine has been paid off for years now and was told that I can bank up to 24, 000 points and not to exceed that. I heard so many numbers that day my head hurt). this is a scam where they made the rules and changed the rules after a completed purchase. Buying and Selling By Steve Lander Updated December 04, 2018 If you can't sell your timeshare on the open market, one option is to offer it back to the resort. The $8.8 million in additional appropriations is required to design and develop a buy . Renting then most people who rent out their timeshares charge what ever the M/Fees are plus a little on top which is their profit ---- no one rents it out to make a loss on it ! Hi. Dang Scarlettt1 you say you are a school teacher not a Bluegreen sales woman, why are you all over complaints board defending Bluegreen. Our story like so many of you. This website uses cookies to make sure your user experience is as smooth as possible. They showed us some log cabins that were nice at Big Cedar that usually rent for 700-1, 000 per night and with this timeshare we could go anytime without using our points for only 49, 59 or 69 a night.. Another perk. REMEMBER-----THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. Blue green is a rip off they are very high pressure they would not give me and my wife 10 min to read over what we was signing they said you can read it all when you get home.they even said we could sell it back if we was not happy about it.we tried they lied just tried to sell us more points and more money.we have used it and the vacations are nice but its all the lies they tell you and high pressure and more lies.we are trying to sell ours right now through other companys.they gace us 4000 bonus points to use but we cant even use them till after 2010 and i bought in 2008 and then its white or blue season they never told us that they told us we could use them anytime another lie.but 1 thing is for sure God will hold them accountable for the Lies and deseption they do to people.maybe n o judge on this earth will do nothing but i know a all mighty judge that will. Does Bluegreen have a buy back program? They are licensed real estate agents and they have responsibilities and obligations when they sell property honestly. All of you complaining signed a contract. There has been a trend for timeshare owners who have been unable to sell on their properties to simply decide to stop paying the annual maintenance fee and ask the resort to take back the ownership of their property. I defer to my previous comments on this subject. by | Jun 30, 2022 | hunter funeral home obituary | hillview middle school graduation 2021 | Jun 30, 2022 | hunter funeral home obituary | hillview middle school graduation 2021 You can transfer it to a private individual who will be happy to have it for their own use. manager, and ask who Scarlettt and her OWL group are ( Owners Who Love their Bluegreen )50 of us had our annual group get together there over the 4th of July.. I want my money and compensation for the fraudulent and immoral sales practices of the Bluegreen staff. TRAVEL ADVISORY: For important information and updates regarding COVID-19, click here. HELP! Finally I was done & out of that place I felt so guilty not buying but at the same time such relief You have to pay the fees and they can go up without your consent. Tried to book Run as far away as you can from Bluegreen. I was duped by them and I am embarrassed that they stole my $8, 000 plus all of their bs charges. My adult kids love our Bluegreen as well. Did you pay transfer solutions any money and then had to pay an invoice from Bluegreen too? I owned 8, 000 points biannually, and have just watched all our fees go up each year. They called me from the email I sent. We even got to go over to the 50 plasma tv and see the resorts in HD. How can they just lie to you and get away with it. My husband and I are also VERY UNHAPPY Bluegreen owners ! If I have a current reservation with my own resort or a week banked with an exchange company, will transfer of my timeshare cause any problems? A. All I can say Spanky is Where is our government on this matter? Now that you understand that how to you call it a rip off they just doing what any owner can. To begin the process of selling your Bluegreen timeshare, please give one of our Bluegreen Timeshare specialists a call at (877) 624-6889. Pls advise Thank you, Bluegreen rent out their units in the same way as you can, these bluegreen units are unsold inventory and not part of the vacation club so they are not open to owners. She proved in her post when she wrote "It appears you don't know how big, muchless how wonderful, most of our resorts are" OUR resorts are! We went into another office and the woman made one last attempt to sell us a $999 package that was good for 9, 000 points (I think.. We're here to help and look forward to hearing from you. this is a scam where they made the rules and changed the rules after a completed purchase. one piece fanfiction strawhats meet makino. i have gone thru the same thing i have collitions on my but my bluegreen is paid for and i am not going to give them another penny i've just had my 10' surgey my healh is bad and will never be able to use it again not that i ever got to use it i've tried everything' i have called them and tried to explain tried to give give back to them ha'ha. and the phone number: (844) 757-6932 Last edited: Oct 16, 2020 Brian Rogers The Timeshare Users Group This means reselling your equity to another interested party. Once you register you can take full advantage of your Bluegreen Vacations ownership, online: Book Points and Bonus Time reservations Earn rewards with Bluegreen Rewards referrals Enjoy exclusive owner offers and promotions Register Today They are trying to force us all out with exorbitant maintenance fees (almost $2, 000 now) and substandard units (holes in the flooring) WHEN you are even able to get a reservation (not easy). In 2016 I called to the buyout program and they I couldn't because it was against the law (which it isn't).. Act Now. My kids don't want it after I die because they don't have time to travel all over the world. It will probably be quite some time before you can exit with credit intact (by selling through Bluegreen). I may be able to help you can contact me at or [protected]. You pay the maintenance fees for people that have the red carpet and have their names posted when in residence. We just bought bluegreen yesterday and are regretting today. I do vacation, Andy..5 times a year60 very happy Bluegreen owners, in a group I have, are meeting at Boyne the end of this monthOur annual 4th of July bash will once again be at Big Cedar this year. I am retired a widow and my pension is decreasing so I can, t pay the maintenace. I started reading it and the women came back. After reading numerous negative review regarding Blue Green and other similar timeshare scams, I want everyone to know this. Its a total scam. Being a thief comes with consequences and prosecution eventually, so all you Bluegreen sales agents be advised a big dark cloud is forming over Bluegreen Corporation and you're involved. tHere has got to be an answer for us angry Bluegreen Timeshare owners. My fault for buying this. Anyways, we hear about the points and how certain nights and times of the year take more points.. yada yada yada They also tell you spiel about how much it will cost to travel in the future and with this timeshare youre locked in (Youre locked in all right). First they sent us to listen to a boring old man doing impersonators or dry comedy. Come on Smith-put it here for all to see. Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. Just take a look at /link removed/ also, you've really dodged a bullet, my friend. No they will NOT try to sell you anything, they just want to teach you how to use Bluegreen and let you know the updates. Linda, please count me in, I too hate bluegreen and I had it for 12 years Bluegreen is like a slum lord. Havent got the mailing from them yet. I want this nightmare over. For more information about which companies we recommend, or how we can help you, use the live chat in the bottom right corner of the page, submit a contact form on the right side of the page, or give us a call at 833-416-8796. The only way to get rid of a Bluegreen timeshare property sans any room for rescission or cancellation is to go on a resale. Anyone with a UDI ownership at Shenandoah Crossing before it was bought out by Bluegreen? By continuing to use this site you accept this. They said I would get $1.25 per point back and of course they would take the other amount. Any takers? Was told she believe so, and she is not aware any fees will be charged. 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431 United States. The next morning the hallway smell was horrible so moved the furniture to the elevators. If you enjoy the TUG website/forums or found value in the information you learned from TUG. Just my thoughts, so please don't take this personal because of your comments and my comments. Urine on furniture and floor. We were then taken back to the meeting room at which time we explained AGAIN our reasons why we were NOT going to sign a contract at THAT moment in time and that since we'd been there for three hours and had signed an understanding that we'd be there 90-120 minutes, that it was time for us to go. We went to the presentation open minded and were impressed when we arrived at how they assured us that we'd only be there 90-120 minutes - even broke it down as to how long each part would take and then if we decided it wasn't for us, they'd thank us for our time and we could leave. It's been a year now and it's gone back to 700, thankfully. More sales tactics. You can grandfather your children into this and pass it along (red flag). we bought our at Tennessee and Virginia when they claimed the problem was we did not own enough points and needed to get more now we are even further in debit. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customers satisfaction. ** If you did purchase and regret the purchase then good luck getting your money back. Fees have also went WAY UP! This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. I commend you and your wife for not signing. Thank you for the quick reply. 8. You can control the transfer process to make sure it is truly transferred out of your name. Had to move furniture outside room cause maintenance never showed up. Stupid us bought into it. I live in Canada and I bought time share that I can only use every two years because of the amount of points I have. We have considered just letting the shares go back by not paying our fees. No materials from this website may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Misrepresentation is an under statement! I have contacted other companies that stated they would help me get out of our timeshare, we got scammed. Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. (Bluegreen Vacations), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bluegreen Corporation, manages and markets the Bluegreen Vacation Club, a flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership program that connects over 200,000 owners with over 60 Bluegreen resorts in more than 40 popular destinations across the continental U.S. and the Caribbean. As long as the unit is paid off and. We believe in the power of vacation. Ownership is legally transferred. Just to be able to talk to someone about an issue is a struggle. If you have paid for your week, then you should use your week. When I told the sales rep that we would need to research it first, he became very hostile and asked "what do you want to research?" Did the Bluegreen tour, asked for the paperwork to review and the agent took offence. Depending on the property of record, title is transferred via Deed, Membership, Lease, Assignment, or as required by resort official governing documents (Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions). In our case we would have been charged $250 per night. Jeff September 10, 2022 4:37 am . I don't need a ten year old defending me. The Bluegreen Vacation Club is a flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership plan with 68 Club and Club Associate Resorts and access to nearly 11,300 other hotels and resorts through.

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